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High Level Stuff

We sit in the Inclusion & Innovation pillar of FinMango

💡 Idea overview

Create a “moonshot factory," a place where the processes and culture make it easier for passionate volunteers to make radical breakthroughs at limited time capacity—repeatedly for financial literacy.

❓ Problem

Economic inequality is greater than ever before and people want to become more financially literate.

💎 Value Prop

Mango X builds and launches technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people by providing bite-sized education that is completely independent and unbiased with zero influence from for-profit entities. Our goal: 10x impact on the financial exclusion problem, not just 10% improvement.

🔬 Target Market

Youth (ages 16 - 24)
High School FinLit Teachers

💰 Budget

What resources are needed?
up to $5000 (can be more if needed)

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