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FinMango Bite$

22kCo-Leads: Dominic, Katherine
Roles & Responsibilities: Social Media Owners, Strategists, Submission Judges, attend 1 bi-weekly half hour meeting specific to FinMango Bite$

Minions (FinMango Bite$ Committee): Tobi, Patrick, Jack, Anthony, Scott, more!?
Roles & Responsibilities: Content Submission Judges, Strategists, Designers attend 1 bi-weekly half hour meeting specific to FinMango Bite$

(Hint: Read this for all up-to-date info and everything about FinMango Bite$ and our vision for it :)

Intake Forms:

**Use to add new bite$, which will be reviewed by the FinMango Bite$ committee
Please see the for instructions on how to write FinMango Bite$ to post.


Instagram Account:
Link In The Works: [ ON HOLD ]

Ideation Documents:

What is a Mango Bite? (See more
in the Mango Bite$ README)

for full details on what a Mango Bite is and how to add new Mango Bites in the google form
A variety of definitions:
Bite-sized facts and/or tips about money and finances.
A piece of info everything that helps someone become more financially literate and better know how to apply the knowledge to their own life now or in the future.
A small, bite-sized piece of info that increases the consumer’s financial knowledge base.
Types of Financial Literacy Content that can be a Mango Bite: Any of the Topics (Getting Started, Budgeting, Credit, College Planning, Investing, Real Estate, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Small Business)
Structure of a Mango Bite: 2 parts
Part 1: A sentence or two with with the bite-sized fact, fun fact, or tip about money of in one of the topics listed above.
Part 2: A sentence telling the consumer where to learn more about the fact in part 1. This will help the consumer take a deeper dive and learn more if they want to. This learn more can link to a reputable website such as a Mango Story, NerdWallet, Investopedia, or a FinMango Digital Tool.

Example Mango Bite$:

Please see the and .

FinMango Bite$ Target Market:

We call them consumers because they eat up the FinMango Bites :).
Young people (ages 16-24, gen Z & millennials)
Potentially extend to teachers?

Logos & Design Documents:

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