Feature Prioritization Toolkit

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Feature Prioritization Toolkit

The purpose of this doc is to let you take the features or initiatives you may have the option of working on in your business, and use them to experiment with some different prioritization methods.

How to use this Doc

1. Enter the different features you need to prioritize

The features in this list will be used for each of the different prioritization methods included in this doc.
Add a Feature
Clear Feature Data
Digital kanban simulation
Stand-up check in
Guide to asyncronous work
Team aligment snapshot
Cultural assessment quiz
Easy team metrics
Project brief
There are no rows in this table

2. Try Some Different Prioritization Methods

This doc currently let's you try five different prioritization methods which intend help you determine the best order to work on them. They're ordered, starting with simpler methods, going to more complicated.
This model combines two factors to give a simple score of which feature will provide the biggest bang for your buck.
This model is helps you figure out which of your must-have features really need to shine, and which ones just need to be good enough.
This model asks the question to users: How would you feel if this feature was or was not available? The answers help tell us which features are most important for customers satisfaction
This modified version of SAFe's Weighted Shortest Job First approach invented by Joshua Arnold puts more weight on urgency in prioritization decisions.
Cost of delay is the cost we incur by not having a feature developed and available to users. Since we can't make everything available instantly, some features will need to come later. Cost of Delay helps you make those choices correctly.
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