Fantastic Tech Tools and Where To Find Them

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So you wanna get organized...

You've come to the right place. Explore the pages below for recommendations on tools and resources to help get you started reporting out investigative projects in Chicago.

Additional Resources

I created this tutorial a couple of years ago so it is a bit dated now. However, the information on how to set up a FOIA tracking Google Form and Google Sheet through my template is still accurate. The technical details of some of the more advanced automation tutorials may have changed but the gist should still apply.
To see a the portion that only shows how to set up the intro-level system (Google Form and Sheet) you can also click here:

A great resource for finding new tools based on reporting needs.

A much more extensive version of what I tried to put together in the Tech Tools table above. Jeremy Caplan also runs a newsletter by the same name where he reviews different tools each week. I highly recommend it.

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