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Windows Update Info for Testers

Install Windows from this link:
Login to Windows with your account
Delete the iOS app, then install the latest version from Testflight
Log in to iOS. IMPORTANT - log into Windows before logging into iOS (as above) as this will migrate your data and allow the new iOS app to work correctly.
You are now good to play using the Windows app. The Windows app is quite simple at this point so doesn’t provide post-game feedback yet. You can view post-game feedback in iOS by pulling down the dashboard to refresh after a game.

Here is a short video showing the connection and in-game use of the Windows app:
Details on installing and using the Windows app are here:
On older PCs, we recommend updating your Bluetooth drivers. Download and run this tool:
Even though this is an Intel tool, this fix works equally well on AMD systems as it is only the Bluetooth drivers we are interested in.
We are very keen for your feedback, so please let me know how it goes, and if you have any issues, definitely let me know.

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