Email to Previously Interested Early Access

This document is for an email to people who previously expressed interest in using MaddCog but either had no iPhone, or didn’t follow up.
Subject: League of Legends mental performance - MaddCog Early Access
Hi League of Legends player,
You are receiving this email because you previously expressed interest in using MaddCog technology to monitor your mental performance for League of Legends.
MaddCog uses a headband sensor to monitor mental performance, including fatigue and flow. Live and post-game feedback and recommendations are provided via our Windows or iPhone apps.
MaddCog are currently looking to expand our early access program by providing free hardware to selected players. We are looking for serious League players who will play at least 100 games using our technology.
If you are still interested, in using MaddCog, please complete this short form. Or more details are available here.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Ben Wisbey
Performance Scientist
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