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Luna Solterra is a work in progress. We are in a process of becoming. This is what it looks like so far.
29 October 2021: Foundation, Episode 7, Mysteries and Martyrs released
1 April 2022: New Moon
1 April 2022: Message from Veronica: “Hi Stephen, today is a new moon and a powerful moment for setting intentions. It’s the first new moon of the astrological year by some definitions. Very powerful insight and clarity coming forward now. Spend some quality time with yourself. Here’s a guide, lots more to be found online about today’s specific astrology if you’re interested.”
1 April 2022: Roxi’s invitation to the MythOS group to explore collective narrative, including the Future Thinkers podcast hosts, , and the podcast host, Sheri Herndon
2 April 2022: Awake at 1am Saturday and conceive of Luna Solterra as a character in a collective narrative
3 April 2022: Create a Google Doc for
8 April 2022: Conversation with Shane Lapp from the .
9 April 2022: World Weavers Group: Integrating the Feminine and Masculine
10 April 2022: Ensoulment with Veronica –
12 April 2022: – a reflection
13 April 2022: I am just at the part in Susan Cain’s book, Bittersweet, where she is talking about metta.
“Loving-kindness meditation—known in the Pali language as metta—is the practice of wishing well to others. Its name ‘sounds phony, sentimental, and gooey’ to many people, as Sharon Salzberg, one of its leading American teachers, told me. This is one reason that it’s not as fashionable in the West as mindfulness. But metta is an ancient Buddhist practice that has many benefits—from increased feelings of awe, joy, and gratitude, to decreased migraines, chronic pain, and PTSD. It’s also a time-honored way of moving actively toward love. If you’re a person who has lost an important love and who realizes that love matters to you deeply, then metta is—to use the language of acceptance and commitment therapy—a form of ‘taking committed action’ and ‘connecting with what matters.’”

— Cain, Susan. Bittersweet (pp. 101-102). Crown. Kindle Edition.
14 April 2022: : Visualizing inner and outer architecture by mapping the systems of the human organism to the categories of Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics.
15 April 2022: Ensoulment with Veronica – Inner Monologues
16 April 2022: Inner and outer architecture: a theory of everything — “I had been feeling like there was something missing. This morning, I realized that the model was missing the emotional elements: curiosity, empathy, honesty, creativity, generosity, and intimacy.
21 April 2022: Presenting the co-operating manual for being human on the first day of the regen·era salon
21 April 2022: “It’s still a work in progress, but here is where I am at with the co-operating manual for being human.”
21 April 2022: I am laughing out loud at what is happening on the Vision Train. They are making up lyrics in real time, responding to what they just learned in a session with Jesse Stewart. They are singing, “There is nothing worse than a lonely abalone.” My last name, Bau, means abalone in Cantonese 鮑. They just learned about a theory that giant islands of living slime, like oysters or abalone, formed the continents of the earth. The continents formed from the fossilized remains of these giant slime beings that became like giant turtles. They have been singing about turtle island and abalone island.
26 April 2022: I found earlier that there were several Thich Nhat Hanh titles included with Audible membership
Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice
The Heart of Understanding, Twentieth Anniversary Edition: Commentaries on the Prajñaparamita Heart Sutra
Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Taming the Tiger Within
Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child
Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices
Being Peace
The Energy of Prayer: How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice
26 April 2022: I was awake around just before 1:30am this morning. I began listening to Reconciliation.
It was interesting to have a sudden attack of allergy symptoms, and to come across this passage:
“But all mental formations need to circulate. If we don’t let them come up, it creates bad circulation in our psyche and symptoms of mental illness and depression can begin to manifest in our mind and body. Sometimes when we have a headache, we take aspirin. But our headache doesn’t go away. Sometimes this kind of headache can be a symptom of mental illness. Perhaps we have allergies. We think it is a physical problem. But allergies can also be a symptom of mental illness. We are advised by doctors to take drugs, but sometimes these will continue to suppress our internal formations, making our sickness worse.”
Veronica: “I was thinking of that book for you in particular, good job”
28 April 2022: I just landed in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island after taking the ferry from Tsawwassen, where I grew up. I am waiting at the terminal, finishing the Audible version of Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh.
Discovered Jane McGonigal’s book, Imaginable, on the way to the bathroom in Chapters, Nanaimo
Not a lot of space this week for writing with unexpected and expected commitments. I’m taking a five-hour trip in the back seat of a mini-van at the moment, on our way to Port Hardy at the northern tip of Vancouver Island. I may be spending time with my daughter and her children for most of the day tomorrow. Her husband leaves for Williams Lake tomorrow and is expected to be away for eight weeks for training at the airport.
1 May 2022: There was a change of plans on Friday. We spent the day travelling from Port Hardy to catch the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver and arrived in Abbotsford in the evening.
3 May 2022: A cultivation circle for gratitude
4 May 2022: Imaginable by
“Vividly imagining a possible future creates memories of things we haven’t actually lived through yet. So the pandemic felt familiar to him. And research suggests that future memories have a real psychological benefit, if and when a traumatic future we imagined actually happens. It’s not just that we are less surprised by what happens. We also get a significant boost of self-confidence from having been right about the future. And this confidence makes us more likely to take action and help others. Here’s why. The fact that we saw the future coming before it happened creates a specific response in the brain. The very first emotion we feel isn’t shock but recognition. We recognize this strange new world because we have spent time there in our imagination before. Recognition communicates to us, ‘You know this. You’ve got this!’ It is a powerful antidote to feelings of helplessness and fear. Our foreknowledge of what happened causes us to feel less overwhelmed, more in control, and better able to help.”
5 May 2022: I added Future Scenario 1 as a third-person narrative to the end of the
8 May 2022: Watching YouTube:
12 May 2022: Jurassic Park:
The theme of is a lesson in ethics for the economic colonizers of scientific pragmatism, in which the mind rules by disconnecting from the heart:
13 May 2022:
13 May 2022: Veronica: “Have you heard of tonglen meditation?”
19 May 2022: Register domain name for
19 May 2022: Create : “Hi, my name is Luna Solterra. I am inviting people who are making a world that works for 100% of life into my story. My story is the story of the universe. It is the same as your story.”
19 May 2022: Connect GitBook to builders organization on GitHub:
20 May 2022: Walking through the Clayburn Creek Trail to survey the damage
20 May 2022: WhatsApp, DSS coheART 2: “By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Don’t Give Up with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush is a great song for people wondering how to survive a global pandemic while considering the Great Depression, the Great Redundancy of the Margaret Thatcher years, and the Great Disengagement? Two human bodies, feminine and masculine, are practicing Tonglen meditation, breathing in suffering and breathing out compassion while rotating in relationship with the sun and moon while being framed by a solar eclipse. This is an embodiment of the light and shadow of human experience, with Kate Bush giving voice to the love of Mother Earth.” — Luna Solterra https://youtu.be/VjEq-r2agqc
21 May 2022: Create a Gmail account for Luna Solterra
21 May 2022: “Struppi just said something that was profound to me. In the Kabbalistic understanding, YHWH, the tetragrammaton, is the sound of breathing, the in-breath and the out-breath.”
21 May 2022: Attempts to update websites failed, sites went offline and I could not restart them
22 May 2022: Create Luna Solterra Google Group
22 May 2022: Reflection: Unable to repair my sites, I went for a walk. Mourning death of an identity as a designer, the death of trees in Clayburn Creek Trail, the imminent death of the forest that will be cut down for development across the street from our house.
22 May 2022: Taking photos of the fallen trees and mudslides that have kept the Clayburn Creek Trail closed since the atmospheric rivers devastated the region last year
23 May 2022: Gratitude? “I realized yesterday that Luna Solterra is our daughter. Jayne miscarried so many times. Her ovary burst and she almost died of septicaemia. This thought had me sobbing uncontrollably. We never mourned the loss of the other children we couldn’t have. Jayne buried the pain of not being able to have more children.”
24 May 2022:
24 May 2022: Compassion
Feeling that this day might be my last: running up that hill
Take a photo of the Auguston Elementary School sign: 27 May 2022 Be You Day
“Something shifted today. Hospicing the old, midwifing the new. I was walking past the pipeline construction and practicing compassion, loving kindness meditation for the workers, recognizing that they are still causing harm, allowing things to be just as they are, investigating the root problem of scarcity that causes the fear that brings colonized and colonizer together in an effort to make a living, and nurturing compassion for people who don’t know what they are doing. It’s like a baptism, burying the old man and birthing new life.”
25 May 2022: Create social media accounts
25 May 2022: Day One: Acceptance — Healing process begins with Dr. Kieran
26 May 2022: Day Two: Meaning and purpose —
27 May 2022: Day Three: Forgiveness — Be You Day — realizing that my authentic self is Luna Solterra — coming out
27 May 2022: Stranger Things Season 4 released, featuring Running Up That Hill
28 May 2022: Celebration: “I wasn’t sure what the implications were going to be. I thought it would mean the death of our marriage to reveal these things. We just finished a long conversation and we realized it meant freedom and relief for both of us. We were trying to meet each other’s needs and expectations out of love for each other but failing to take care of ourselves. All it means is fully leaving the expectations of patriarchy behind and everything else is just the same as it was before. We get to reinvent our commitments to each other on our own terms rather than based on the obsolete, abusive, and patriarchal structures we inherited. So, we just redefined the death of marriage into a reinvention of our relationship—which is actually the revival of the old agreement: grow old together as best friends. Maybe even with benefits.”
29 May 2022: Sign up for We Don’t Have Time
6 June 2022: Mark Wagnon
6 June 2022: Just Capital Quotient Affinity Investors Club
6 June 2022: Ensoulment session with Veronica
7 June 2022: Ecosystem Restoration Camps
7 June 2022: Message to Dr. Kieran Kuykendall
9 June 2022:
Meet with Dr. Kieran to review bloodwork
Buy art supplies
10 June 2022: Create illustration of a self-portrait of the artist, inspired by Norman Rockwell
11 June 2022: Create a comic strip of Luna Solterra, inspired by Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes
11 June 2022: Update the server to support
12 June 2022
Restore websites from the backups and update all sites to Ghost 5.2.3
Create new website for and integrate and
Test mail configuration with a new article and newsletter
13 June 2022: Pinterest:
13 June 2022: Twitter: “I am learning to be patient and kind with myself. I am a work in process. I hope we can all find ways to find light in the darkness, shifting our perspective to realize that, although we may perceive the universe to be mostly empty and dark, it is an ocean of light.”
A detail from The Moon and the Stars (series) (1902) by Alphonse Mucha. “In this series of decorative panels, Mucha again chose to personify the stars as female figures. This time, however, he sought to surpass the panels' decorative function by exploring the deeper meaning of his subjects. The women are no longer confined to ornate crescents and alcoves, but instead float in space and are illuminated by a light radiating from within the composition. Their poses are meditative and dramatic rather than sensual. In all four panels, Mucha demonstrates great skill in rendering the texture and sheen of rich textiles.” (See the article from the Mucha Foundation: http://www.muchafoundation.org/en/gallery/browse-works/object_type/decorative-designs/object/245)
14 June 2022: Congratulate Marga Lopez for her new position as National President of the (DesCan)
15 June 2022: Meet with members of DesCan in
17 June 2022: Invite people to the World Weavers group on Saturday to discuss weaving our stories together
18 June 2022:
19 June 2022
Invite people to the Luna Solterra group on Sunday at 10am
Invite people as authors on the
Help Roxi prepare for presentation
21 June 2022: Create on Spotify and share with Design Science Studio
24 June 2022: Meet with in Fort Langley and drive with to Port Coquitlam to see and her son, ’s art exhibition opening.
25 June 2022: Research Notion and Coda
26 June 2022
Create Coda account for
Add invitees to recurring event for weekly meeting
Gathering with the on Sunday morning
27 June 2022: Gratitude
Meeting for Fuller Moonday on Monday morning
Chat with Luke on WhatsApp about regenerative business models
Chat with Yobi on Telegram
Think through ways to deal with dissonance, disagreement, and disintegration
Add structure to meetings to guide intention, intuition, and imagination with integrity and create a sense of interbeing. In this way, we might be able to create a nurturing environment for creativity, cooperation, and collaboration.
Worksheets in preparation for Ensoulment meeting with Veronica
28 June 2022: Compassion
Ensoulment meeting with : “The things that we talked about in this session, are the core of it, you know: the fear of the never ending pain and the habitual withdrawal as a reaction to needing certainty. And then being able to source self-worth and self-value from within. I mean, that's a really good nugget. That's a really good core to be able to just matter of factly state.”
Netflix: Knowing with Nicholas Cage and Rose Byrne
Reconstruct timeline in Coda
29 June 2022: Acceptance
Finish watching Knowing. I needed to see how it ended. [Spoiler Alert] It was a pretty unsatisfying ending after my conversation with Veronica yesterday about a childhood fear of never ending torment. It is the same story: a happy ending for the chosen, but an end for everyone else.
New moon ritual with Kath, Veronica, and Stefanie
30 June 2022: Meaning and Purpose
Ride bike to Fraser River
Climb to the peak of Sumas Mountain
1 July 2022: Forgiveness
The Way Out Is In: True Love
Considering next steps
Add with Author column
Reply to Luke: “Coaching each other out of survival mode, that is syntropy…” From shadow to light, from entropy to syntropy… that’s a pretty good articulation of the heart of Luna Solterra.
2 July 2022: Celebration
Create a Medium list for Mindfulness: An embodied practice of deep connection to the full experience of being human—consciously aware of perceptions, cognitions, emotions, and actions
Reply to Luke: “This sounds very familiar. I find I am stuck in limiting beliefs around my value, around self-acceptance and self-esteem. So, that’s today’s work in the transformation portion of the ensoulment process: Worksheet 20: Changing Limiting Beliefs. So far, I would say Veronica has been my training wheels, providing a safe space where she is providing the validation and affirmation that I haven’t been able to give myself. But really, she has been reflecting back to me my own perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, while reinforcing that they are all valid. The next step is learning how to find that validation and affirmation, to recognize my own value from within: Worksheet 21: Affirmations and Incantations. To make a co-operating manual for being human, can we document ways that men are healing and coaching each other out of survival mode to shift our energy to resonate with the synchronicity (time/social), synergy (energy/economic), synarchy (matter/political), and syntropy (consciousness/life) of Earth?“
3 July 2022: Reflection
Luke’s poetry
symphonies of sounds, seas of quanta vibrating unconditional love
an indigenous, technologically empowered humanity
Lookup the etymology of poetry:
The Paris Review: Write Tight: What is poetry? Etymology provides more questions than answers.
The Paris Review: Walk Worthy by Eloghosa Osunde
Walk worthy, walk worthy, walk worthy of you, which is now to say, Walk as yourself, a way to say to myself:
Take your own advice,
you’re allowed to be alive.
Luna Solterra and The Art of Gathering
Intention: “…a way to reflect a commitment to change—and to help spur it.” (Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering, page 13)
Intuition: What do we sense, feel, and perceive is changing and evolving life?
Imagination: Where is our collective imagination expanding our sense of what is possible?
Integrity: How are we shifting our energy to resonate with the synchronicity (time/social), synergy (energy/economic), synarchy (matter/political), and syntropy (consciousness/life) of Earth?
Interbeing: “With the practice of meditation, we can still see the cord connecting us to our mother. We can see that our mother is not only outside of us but inside as well. The umbilical cord is still there. When we look deeply, we see that there are umbilical cords linking us to other things, other people. Imagine an umbilical cord linking you to the sun. The sun rises every morning. And thanks to the sun, we have light, we have heat. Without the sun, without heat, we can’t survive. We depend on the sun in the same way a baby depends on his mother. So an umbilical cord links us to the sun.… If we continue, we see that we are linked to everything and everyone in the cosmos. We depend on other beings in order to exist.” — Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child by Thich Nhat Hanh
In this way, we might be able to create a nurturing environment for creativity, cooperation, and collaboration.
8 July 2022: WhatsApp audio conversation with Lukas Hosford. He ended the call.
10 July 2022: Luna Solterra gathering, 10am Pacific
Attending: Struppi (Richard Pohl), Stephanie Schwartz
Lukas Hosford joined late
Lukas left the meeting at around 2 hours 16 minutes: “And so I'm just going to like, leave because I don't know if you're real or fake.”
14 July 2022: Lukas Hosford sends me a document: Luna Solterra Business plan
15 July 2022: I responded to Lukas Hosford on WhatsApp
Lukas Hosford: “Could you please at least make a clean break with clear communication?”
Stephen Bau:
I picked up the phone because you wanted to talk. So we have been talking.
Am I your spiritual father? No. Have we made an agreement? No. Should there be any expectations? No. Do I represent the DSS? Yes, as a fellow member. Can I fulfill everyone’s expectations for what the DSS should be? No.
What I realized last Friday was that you do expect things from me. You are expecting things that I have not agreed to give.
You have not demonstrated a regenerative business model. You say you have no qualifications to give advice on food.
We are not in alignment on many things. We are following diverging paths. I do not want to have a debate with people. You do. I wish you well in your journey.
I am sorry Stephen
You are right and I am ashamed
I am sorry to try to use you on those many calls to avoid my self hatred and blame.
No, Stephen, I have not demonstrated a regenerative business model. I have been in the way. I have just demonstrated demon possession scheming, deceiving.
I am weak and pathetic
Besides the other contradictory calls, the call toward silence and dropping out fighting with the call toward reaching out and stepping up...
I am sorry for not doing a better job of reabsorbing that impulse to demand different treatment, transfered, projected onto you
May your agreements weave you together, may no threat unravel any of your composure.
29 July 2022: Forgiveness
Last Ensoulment Session with Veronica Anderson
31 July 2022: Reflection
Listen to the latest podcast episode from Plum Village, The Way Out Is In
Message Veronica: “Our gift to the world is slowing down, rest, and healing.”
Go for a run in Clayburn Creek Trail
Rolled my right ankle
Limped to the hill overlooking the mudslide that washed away half the trail
Contemplated Psalm 23
A hummingbird flew straight toward me and hovered in front of me for a moment
Limped home
Jayne drove me to the ER
X-rays showed no fractures
Learned about the accident in Ibiza, Spain involving Roxi Shohadaee, Nicolás Alcalá, and Amanda Joy Gilbert
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