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The Art of Gathering


Luna Solterra Gathering

Sunday, July 3, 2022 –
Intention: “…a way to reflect a commitment to change—and to help spur it.” (Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering, page 13)
Intuition: What do we sense, feel, and perceive is changing and evolving life?
Imagination: Where is our collective imagination expanding our sense of what is possible?
Integrity: How are we shifting our energy to resonate with the synchronicity (time/social), synergy (energy/economic), synarchy (matter/political), and syntropy (consciousness/life) of Earth?
Interbeing: “With the practice of meditation, we can still see the cord connecting us to our mother. We can see that our mother is not only outside of us but inside as well. The umbilical cord is still there. When we look deeply, we see that there are umbilical cords linking us to other things, other people. Imagine an umbilical cord linking you to the sun. The sun rises every morning. And thanks to the sun, we have light, we have heat. Without the sun, without heat, we can’t survive. We depend on the sun in the same way a baby depends on his mother. So an umbilical cord links us to the sun.… If we continue, we see that we are linked to everything and everyone in the cosmos. We depend on other beings in order to exist.” — Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child by Thich Nhat Hanh
In this way, we might be able to create a nurturing environment for creativity, cooperation, and collaboration.


Lukas Hosford
A core set of myths and a core set of practices
We can weave together
Meditate on non-duality with the guru and the Buddha
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