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Community Gardens Digitization

Maintaining Community Through COVID-19

The Need For Innovation

Now that we are entering into the second Spring season impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing concern on my mind has been the impact that this pandemic may have on community gardens across the United States. My father grew up on a small farm in Italy, and, once he immigrated to the United States, joining a community garden was the sole social activity that provided him comfort. I've grew to share in my father's passion for gardening, and for all of my teenage years, I was a volunteer at NYC Parks GreenThumb—an organization that supports community gardens across the entirety of New York City. During that time, I noticed a number of legacy systems utilized by community gardens that were desperately in need of improvement.
Spring is the busiest season for community gardens and typically coincides with the beginning of workshop demonstrations and other neighborhood gatherings hosted by garden members. Foregoing the events of a second Spring season threatens the bonds which these gardens have worked to build within their community. Even in modern cities such as NYC, Community Gardens have been notoriously slow to digitize their operations—preferring to maintain handwritten membership logs and advertise neighborhood events via flyers or word-of-mouth. Utilization of the templates within this seasonal guide enables any Community Garden to:
Modernize workflows
Incorporate COVID-19 safety measures into garden operations
Foster social bonds amidst statewide lockdowns


Personalizing This Document

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The page should be reconfigured to reflect the actual layout of your local Community Garden, similar to what you see in the default example. The page also comes with a brief description of one manner in which the table can be utilized to enact safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep this description if it aligns with your garden’s operations or alter the write-up to better meet your needs.
Lastly, this page should be cleared and transformed into a welcome page for your particular garden. Some suggestions for your welcome page are: ‘About Us’ section, Contact Information (Garden Address, Email, & Phone Number), and a COVID-19 Statement
If there is any confusion regarding these personalization elements, please feel free to contact me
@Lodovico de Boni
and I will gladly help to troubleshoot this issue or build out any additional features

Lodovico’s Photo Gallery

4/9/2021: My family starts in on this year’s garden
6/7/2021: First strawberry of 2021
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