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Need to Knows

Public bathrooms charge around 20 - 50 pesos for use. They don’t give you a lot of toilet paper; carry napkins with you.
Most tiny street vendors are cash only. IF you use your card, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CARD - they will bring the card swiping machine to YOU at your table :)
It’s easy to take out cash money in CDMX; there are tons of banks, many of them citibanks.
Cell service should carry over based on the Mexico - USA - Canada agreement? I had zero issues connecting when I landed at the airport.
Ubers are extremely easy to order and they are very cheap. Mexico has a similar app called Didi; I never used it. I don’t recommend taking a regular taxi unless you are with someone who is from Mexico City.
Don’t drink the water; buy bottled water.
Do not eat raw veggies unless from a legit restaurant, Montezuma’s revenge is real.
Covid is taken pretty seriously in Mexico City - many people where their masks continually even when walking outside.

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