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Airtable Pack: Start Here

Airtable Pack: Start Here

How to get started with the Airtable Pack guide.
The Airtable Pack for Coda allows you to sync an Airtable table with Coda and update, create or delete your records. You can also trigger Airtable automations with Coda actions!
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Getting the base and table ids
To configure the sync table, you will need the base id, table name or id and optionally the view name of id.
There are two ways to get the base id ⤵️
If the url to your Airtable base is, your base id will be appVn5mK8jBf8wz62.
Go to and select the base you want to connect with Coda. You will see a legend "The ID of this base is XXX.", that is your base id.
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You can use both name and id in this case ⤵️
The name of the tabs in Airtable are your table names.
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If the url to your Airtable base is, your table id will be tblreBGFT5MwS7F14.
On the left sidebar you have the names of the views, you can use views optionally to get only a subset of records.
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If you want multiple tables, the only way at the moment is using the , installing Airtable in different docs and syncing different tables.
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