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SOUPS'21 Usable and Delightful

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Workshop Agenda

The agenda for the 3 hour synchronous session on August 7, 2021. The time zone is
Activity Name
Activity Description
10:45 AM (15 minutes)
Login 15 min before workshop
15 mins
Make sure that you are connected with Discord and Miro
11:00 AM (30 minutes)
Hello and Agenda
15 mins
Introduction by workshop organizers; Workshop overview
Intro to UX
15 mins
Intro to UX presentation
Session 1
11:30 AM (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Introduction to Session 1 and Miro
5 mins
Description of Session 1 activities and Miro demo
Group activity: Defining UX
25 mins
Group discussion and ideation. Topic 1: What constitutes a good experience when using security mechanisms?
15 mins
Each group will present and discuss their definition of "security experience" resulting from the discussion
Group activity: Measuring UX
20 mins
Topic 2: Which aspects of security experience are measured and have to be measured?
15 mins
Each group will present their discussion results about measuring the security experience
12:45 PM (20 minutes)
20 mins
Get up and stretch; get a coffee and snacks. :)
Session 2
1:05 PM (50 minutes)
Introduction to Session 2
5 mins
Description of Session 2 activities
Group activity: UX methods redesign
30 mins
Redesign the UX mapping templates for security practitioners and researchers
15 mins
Each group will present their redesigned templates
Wrap up
1:55 PM (5 minutes)
Goodbye and stay in touch
5 mins
How to share resources and connect after the workshop

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