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SOUPS'21 Usable and Delightful

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Meet the organizers of the workshop.

Leah Zhang-Kennedy

Assistant Professor, Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, University of Waterloo
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Leah Zhang-Kennedy is an Assistant Professor in interaction design and user experience research at the University of Waterloo. She is interested in understanding and improving security experiences and practices for various user segments using her multidisciplinary expertise in HCI, computer science, and design.

Sana Maqsood

Post-Doctoral Researcher, School of Computer Science, Carleton University
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Sana Maqsood is a post-doctoral researcher at Carleton University. She has over 10-years of industry, government and academic experience in HCI, security, and web development. She is currently working on designing games and digital media to improve users’ awareness and mental models of security and privacy. Her latest project, a digital literacy game for tweens designed in collaboration with MediaSmarts has been deployed to over 300 Canadian elementary schools. She has also worked on designing novel authentication schemes for flexible displays, and evaluating their usability with end users.

Daniela Napoli

PhD Student, School of Computer Science, Carleton University
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Daniela is a PhD student at Carleton University. Daniela has worked with web teams to manage and generate content, human factors teams to train new pilots, and UX design teams to solve problems in big tech and healthcare. Her journey started with an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from the University of Guelph. Her work became more focused on UX after attaining a Masters of Arts in Human-Computer Interaction. Now, Daniela’s work continues as she writes her PhD dissertation focused on communicating security and privacy information without the need for a screen.

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