Kuovonne's Guide to Scripting in Airtable
So you want to learn Scripting?

Do you just want working code?

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If your ultimate goal is solving a specific problem, you may be able to put together a solution by adapting examples from the internet (or AI), even if you don't actually understand why the code works. Scripts can improve your workflows and speed up tedious tasks.
On the other hand, this method does come with some risks
hacking together examples from the internet (or AI) can be time consuming
you might never get your code to work
your code might fail to cover situations that you didn’t think of at first
your code might not scale properly once you get it to a working environment with hundreds or thousands of records (or sometimes, even more than just fifteen)
when it comes time to maintain the code, you might not be able to
While I firmly believe that everyone who wants to learn to code should have a chance, writing code isn’t for everyone. Learning to write code from scratch takes a lot of work. If you find it fun, even when it is frustrating, keep at it! But if you only find code frustrating, and just want working code, consider hiring an experienced professional to write the code for you. It will be less frustrating, and you'll have working code sooner.
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