Small Business Planner

Planner Overview

Welcome to my small business planner! I’m using this tool to track activities & timelines, as my dad and I prepare to launch a restaurant / live music venue this summer.

Below is a high-level diagram of the architecture of this doc. This structure can be used to track progress for any kind of project.
Planner Diagram.png

In this doc, one row in
maps to many
that need to be completed. Each task can be related to one of a few

This helps me track of the current status in a few ways:
I can see a comprehensive overview of what’s going on right now by viewing
(activities to be completed) on the
I can filter the
(domain of expertise) to understand open and closed items for each domain
I can review
(initiatives with fixed scope) by
as well as in the
table to understand the progress of task completion per project

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