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Konohaven Info & Guide

Konohaven Info & Guide

Everything you need to know about our server.

About Our Server:

Konohaven is a close-knit community server that seek to provide a HermitCraft-like and vanilla Minecraft experience (no fly, commands, etc.) with the exception of certain quality of life upgrades. For this season, we are focused more on playing Minecraft together through engagement, community neighborhoods, build projects, challenges, events, and more.

Basic Server Info

Java 1.20.1 Fabric
World konohaven3 created on June 10, 2023
Server location: Eastern US
Difficulty: Hard
World Borders:
Overworld: Limited to 5k radius from (0,0), expandable in the future.
The Nether: 5k radius pre-generated, no limit
The End: 10k radius pre-generated, no limit, may reset outside of 2k.

Notable Features

Fire-Tick, Phantoms, and Enderman Griefing Disabled
Single-Player Sleep
Most other settings Vanilla
Proximity Voice via
Live Map


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