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Some skins fail to load (folder name?)
Sometimes the song doesn’t end at the end and you get ghost circles
Quitting opens song browser (?)
Only half the arrows are displayed when ending break
slider sliding sound cuts out too early (not looping?)
fix "new score" times not being shown (was it ever implemented?)
game crashes at startup if “osu_mods relax” in config file
fposu mode broken?
don’t allow user to press f2 when already watching a replay
disable auto after ctrl+enter-playing a map
reset mods back to what they were before watching a replay/spectating
flashlight broke
don’t submit scores of less than 7 seconds

Windows audio
sound engine sometimes gets overloaded and slows down?
WASAPI: Global volume does nothing
WASAPI/ASIO: some maps submit, then restart after finishing with bugged circles (eg. flamingo)
ASIO: “If I were an endpoint” skin crashes

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