Tesla Checklist - Model Y

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Phantom Drain

Phantom Drain is a term used to describe when your Tesla loses range when the car is parked. A small amount is understandable, but if your car is losing anywhere near 1 mile per hour that it is idle, that starts to add up.
As a new Tesla user, I was eager to download apps for my iPhone that shared great stats about my Tesla usage. However, they also started to report pretty heavy amounts of phantom drain. When I went in and started researching what was causing this drain, it turned out to be the apps that I had downloaded! These apps were waking my car from sleep mode frequently and causing the phantom drain! I've learned to minimize the number of external apps connected to my Tesla.
I now only use two apps for my Tesla - the main Tesla app and , which unfortunately is only browser-accessible and does not have a mobile app. Feel free to use my referral code to sign up for TeslaFi -
If you want to read more about phantom drain, take a look at in the Tesla forum.

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