Tesla Checklist - Model Y

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Delivery Checklist

This is a great checklist from 12 passionate Tesla contributors. They’ve hosted it on Github



Vehicle VIN matches the assigned VIN
Color is as ordered
Wheel style is as ordered (19" 'Gemini' Wheel, 20" Induction Wheel, etc).
A sleeve with two keys is provided
Check the head light fit
Inspect the paint around intake vents on the front bumper
Inspect the frunk, look for paint defects, dents and signs of improper closing by the sides of the T logo
Make sure the hood sits flush with the quarter panels and frunk
Inspect that the windshield isn't installed shifted (the gaps between the glass and A pillar on either side should be approximately equal). An improperly installed windshield causes significant wind noise at highway speeds.
Check for uneven/wide panel gaps and that panels are flush to car
Check that the trim along the bottom of the sides of the vehicle are flush with the bottom of the doors
Check for trim stains
Check all 4 door levers
Check all wheels, ensure they are not scratched
Check all wheels, ensure there is nothing lodged in the tread (screws, nails, debris, etc.)
Confirm all 4 hubcaps are present and properly attached
Check for dings on pillars
Inspect the paint on the outside and the door jams, ensure panel corners do not have chips
Check for damage to black rocker panels
Check the tail light fit
Fix: not yet available
Check charging port fit (driver side)
Inspect the tail lights for condensation
Inspect the undercarriage, look for damage, missing screws, or screws that are sticking out
Fix: requires a 10mm wrench; should you spot anything that needs attention ask the SC staff to inspect all screws and clips (they should've done it already)
Inspect all wheel wells. Each wheel well is fitted with noise dampener covers that are attached to the body with a combination of plastic pins (pushed in all the way) and metal threaded pins (sticking out) with plastic nuts. Confirm that all plastic pins are present (there are no empty holes) and all metal pins (2 in each front wheel well, 4 in each rear wheel well) are present and properly attached.
Fix: mobile service can fix it in minutes


Turn on the lights on the car including: fog lights, head lights, tail lights, reverse light, brake, signal lights (head light signal and side signal lights)
Check that wipers function correctly and look for potential wiper dings on hood
Inspect every glass and make sure there are no scratches or cracks
Check for trim scratches on windows due to a software bug that doesn't automatically lower the window when opening the door
Express Pickup: Check the charge of the vehicle. It comes from the factory at ~50% but the local distributor should charge it to 80%-90% for a "full tank."
Verify that the charge port opens and closes
Verify that the rubber gasket is properly attached to the bottom of all 4 doors.
Fix: service center, replace rubber gaskets


Inspect the screen for scratches
Inspect the center console scratches, dings, etc.
Inspect the dash for scratches
Verify that wireless charging works on both sides
Confirm wired charging works (1 x USB-A in front, 3 x USB-C, front and back)
Open and close the glovebox
Open and close windows using one click open close and manually open and close (make sure there are no noises and they stay up when you close, and when they go down they do all the way down for front two windows. The rear two windows don't go down all the way.
Verify backup camera
Play a familiar track through the sound system and confirm that all speakers work (use the balance and fader controls) and there are no unexpected clicks, etc.
Fold mirrors
Check all interior lights, and that all reading lights turn on with a press
Check windshield all around
Inspect the headliner all around (no grease, damage or scuffs)
Inspect both coat hooks (should extend, retract and latch)
Inspect the steering wheel, check front & back for scratches or tears
Check that turn signal and drive selection stalks work and actuate smoothly
Check that the car can be put into reverse, neutral, park
Look for scratches on the passenger side door sill
Check seats for scuffs/damage/bad seams
Verify all front seat adjustments, including lumbar support
Confirm seat warmers work
Confirm the middle seat on back row is flush at both ends
Confirm that back seats recline adjustment works correctly
Inspect the floor mats for rips, stains, etc.
Inspect the metal accelerator and brake pedal arms; there have been of different finish on pedals (matte on accelerator, glossy on brake) and a conspicuous weld in the middle of the brake pedal
Turn on climate control, force the heat pump to kick in by taking the temperature to either end of the scale and listen for loud noises
Confirm (car battery) charging works


Open and close the frunk
Verify the clips holding the trim area around the frunk
Confirm the tow hook isn't missing


Open & close the lift gate; sometimes the gasket gets caught in the molding, causing a click
Confirm the lift gate opens and closes without "shuddering" and that the button on the hatch works to close it
Inspect the cargo covers and verify they're properly attached
Confirm that seat & trunk buttons fold the back seats
Confirm folding rear seats do not catch on the rear trunk floor carpeting
Inspect the back seat covers and verify they're properly attached
Confirm the charging cable and the aren't missing

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