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AI Student Evaluation Generator for Teachers Template

AI-Generated Student Evaluations

Use ChatGPT to write your end-of-semester evaluations for you.
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Make your Comment Writing magically easier and better with AI.
Writing thoughtful student evaluations is incredibly meaningful for students, but it can be a taxing exercise to write them all at once. Use the magic of AI to turn your observations into a polished evaluation in seconds.
You’ll need an account and an API key, which you can access
. When you copy the doc, you’ll get a prompt to add your API key. If you choose to connect later, you can do that by going to the Button Settings for the column called “Generate Report” and choose an account.
Questions or Feedback?
Send an email to kenny [at] or DM him on ! I’d love to hear from you if this doc made your life easier! Thanks for all your hard work as a teacher!
Getting Started
Step 1: Fill In Your Roster
Go to and add all the students in your class.

💡 Pro Trick: Have students do a Self-Eval first
An alternative trick would be to have your students start the process by filling out a . That way, you can supplement their self-reflection with your own observations for an even more robust evaluation.

Step 2: Add Individual Comments
In the table below, add any positive/negative traits that are representative of each student.
Fill out any comments you’d like captured in the column called Other Comments (Teacher Provided).
Press Generate Report to have AI write your report automatically. Tada!
Review and edit the report to your liking, and change the status column from Draft to Ready so you know which ones are good to go.

All Comments
Report Tone
Strengths (Student Submitted)
Development Areas (Student Submitted)
Positive Traits (Teacher Provided)
Negative Traits (Teacher Provided)
Other Comments (Teacher Provided)
Generate Report
AI Report to be Edited
Rich Sherman
Effusively positive
Smart, thoughtful, creative, good at fixing things
I get impatient with wrong opinions, I sometimes tune out my teacher
always adds helpful opinions, infinite learner, great at building things
Re-generate Report
Rich has been a great addition to Sunnyside Elementary this year. He has consistently demonstrated inquisitiveness, creativity and thoughtful reflection. He always adds helpful opinions to our discussions, suggesting a strong sense of self-awareness and insight. Rich is an infinite learner, and seems particularly good at building things with whatever materials he can get his hands on. It is apparent that he is creative and smart, and he also has a knack for fixing things. Overall, I am very impressed with his performance; Rich is a very talented student and I am excited to watch his growth as he progresses through our school.
Terry Danforth
Effusively positive
i have a great vocabulary, i like to read, i laugh a lot, i help my teachers
organization, self control, and time management
Eager to learn
attentive, curious, silly, positive
Re-generate Report
Terry is an exemplary student at Sunnyside Elementary and I have been honored to have him in my class all year. His enthusiasm, creativity and motivation for learning have been evident throughout the school year. Terry's self-awareness, curiosity, and resourcefulness have been incredibly helpful and inspiring to both myself and the class. He has a great vocabulary, an eagerness for reading, and a positive outlook that others in the class have been able to rally behind. He is a natural leader, and has even been known to make light of difficult situations with his infectious laughter. Terry is always willing to help a teacher in need, and contributes to the classroom in many ways.

I am beyond thrilled with how far Terry has come during his time here at Sunnyside Elementary, and I know his future here is full of great opportunities. He has continued to grow and develop over the year and I look forward to his successes as they come.
Erica Smith
Effusively positive
got much better at reading comprehension, handwriting skills, organization
get distracted in class, forget to turn in homework
Eager to learn
Gets easily distracted
Has difficulty understanding new concepts
Needs better study habits
rushes through tests and makes silly mistakes, talks too much during class
Re-generate Report
Erica is a delight to have in the classroom; she is creative, motivated, and eager to learn. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and has worked hard to refine her reading comprehension and improve her handwriting skills and organizational skills. Though she can get easily distracted and has difficulty understanding new concepts, she is committed to overcoming any challenges she encounters. With a bit more focus when it comes to studying and testing, she has the potential to do even greater things. I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Erica here at Sunnyside Elementary. With her cheerful personality and natural aptitude, she is destined to reach new heights.
Lily Jones
Effusively positive
grammar, reading, drawing
Difficultly staying on task
Gives up easily
needs to slow down during tests so she doesn’t make silly mistakes.
Re-generate Report
Lily has been a genuine and creative asset to Sunnyside Elementary since first entering the school. Passionate and generous, she is respectful to everyone she meets. However, in the classroom, Lily can be careless and has difficulty staying on task. At times, she can also give up easily, and needs to slow down during tests so she doesn't make silly mistakes.

Overall, Lily has exceeded all expectations, and I am extremely excited for her transition into the next grade level. With her blend of creativity, passion, and respectful attitude, she is sure to go far in her educational journey. With continued practice, she will surely improve in accuracy and focus to be become one of Sunnyside's top students.
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