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What is the Theater of the Oppressed (TO)?


Please read/watch the following materials to help you understand what the Theater of the Oppressed is and how it works. It is important that you do this before our exercise in class so you understand the goal of this exercise. Please also complete the reading worksheet to help you engage with what you are reading.
Our goal in using TO as a learning tool is two fold: 1. you need to demonstrate that you understand how interpersonal concepts can be applied to make communication clear, more equitable, and effective and 2. to intervene in common interpersonal interaction to re-imagine them in ways that promote stronger communication and stronger relationships. This is an iterative process and the readings below will help you understand how we will achieve these outcomes together as a class. Please keep this in mind as you read complete the following:
Read article 1 above
Read article 2 above
Watch the example of TO
Complete the TO reading worksheet
Revisit the handouts from our discussion facilitation groups (they make great notes to speak from on performance day)
Review the scripts that our performers will begin with for our Performance day (take notes on things you want to change, what changes could be made, and why you think these changes are important)
Read/Watch the following:
Check out this historical overview of TO.
Check out this example to see how one class focuses their attention on Forum Theater (described above). We will do the same but our iteration has a different focus and will be less elaborate (See Prep, Performance, and Ponder tab).
Example of what TO looks like in a classroom:
Theater of the Oppressed Reading Worksheet:
Theater of the Oppressed Reading Worksheet.docx
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(We may only need one, but here are three just in case get stuck)
All scripts are sourced from :

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