Quickly onboard new team members asynchronously using Coda's super powers!

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Quickly onboard new hires using Coda's super powers!

Ditch the old, discordant, and ill-configured spreadsheet, check list or doc and bring your new hire rituals together.

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Have you ever started a new job and thought “what am I supposed to be doing right now”?

Or maybe you are hiring a new team and want to make sure the materials and when the team receives them are consistent across all new hires (and that they are not asking themselves the above question ^^^).
As Customer Success Managers at Coda, we’ve heard from users of all stripes that setting up onboarding guides and running through checklists can feel boring and repetitive. So we decided to change that with this fantastical onboarding doc.
Whether you are conducting the onboarding or the one being onboarded, we created this new hire onboarding guide with you in mind.

Sounds great, how do I use this?

This doc can be used for a specific team, a business segment or even the entire company!
A manager, enablement admin, or team can use the to create different onboarding activities and tailor it to specific roles.
A user can jump to , and choose their role, receiving a list of role relevant activities for their onboarding — all of which are collected and assigned through an easy 3 step process.

For the new hire, this guide features:

Checklist to show when activities are finished
Progress tracker
Notes & reflections space
Overview of meeting cadences

Let’s begin our onboarding adventure → 🧙

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Find out how to Coda-fy your rituals.

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