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8/8 meeting notes

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Customer feedback indicates a high demand for an image editor feature
Decision made to pursue the creation of a new image editor
Team feedback:
Development and integration of an image editor may require significant time and resources.
Potential technical challenges and compatibility issues with different file formats or operating systems.
High demand for an image editor based on customer feedback.
Enhances the overall user experience and offers advanced editing capabilities.
Can attract new users and retain existing ones who require image editing functionality.
Risk of diverting focus and resources from other important features or product improvements.
Possibility of introducing new bugs or performance issues during the development and testing phase
How to measure demand?
Cost and resources?
User experience and integration with other features
Design and UI: 1 week
Development: 6 weeks
Testing and bug fixes: 2 weeks
Launch preparation: 1 week
Team involvement:
Design team: Lead the design and UI development
Development team: Implement the image editor functionality
QA team: Conduct thorough testing and bug fixing
Marketing team: Prepare for the feature launch
Workback plan:
Week 1: Design and UI
Weeks 2-7: Development
Weeks 8-9: Testing and bug fixes
Week 10: Launch preparation
Next steps:
Design team to start working on the design and UI immediately
Development team to begin implementation in week 2
QA team to prepare for testing and bug fixing in weeks 8-9
Marketing team to start planning for the feature launch in week 10
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