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Introducing AI chat

Always available in the side panel of your doc to brainstorm ideas, iterate on content, or get answers across your doc. Content is just for you, unless you choose to add to your preferred page.


Ask AI chat

What’s our reimbursement policy?
Who leads new hire onboarding?
Who can I contact with more questions?
Summarize this page
What are the pros and cons?
key dates & milestones, as a table
(highlight the user feedback section) convert to table and assign teams
How many customers want dark mode?
Why is wide mode being requested?
Why do customers like Acme software currently?
Was anything related to the marketing team discussed?
Create a message summary to send internally with next steps
Make it shorter & friendly
Convert the next steps to a table, and add teams responsible
create example taglines for each paragraph
give me 5 more options for #2
Create 5 example titles for this blog
Make them funny
(Highlight a selection) reword this section
(Highlight the judges section) bold the judges’ names
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