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Kickstart Your 2022 Goals!

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Set Your New Year's Resolutions

Select your 30-day challenges and kick-start your goals!
Ready to start 2022 with clear goals? Want to try new things but do not want to commit for the year?
Break up different goals into monthly (~30 day) segments and you’ll learn which hobbies to keep, or habits to break. See how much you can learn about yourself in 2022! Bring it on!

How this doc works:

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[Optional] List your other commitments

First, write down the important engagements or events you have committed to in 2022 in . This will help you choose which month-long challenges make the most sense for each month.
If I have a trip to Italy in June, that might not be the month I want to give up gluten.

Evaluate your month-long challenge options

Second, browse the list of and feel free to add your own. Think about how difficult each goal will be, so you can spread out hard vs easy months. Consider an appropriate reward, and be realistic on any scenarios where the goal is simply not possible (which is ok!).

Choose when to complete each challenge

Next, divide up when you want to do each challenge and set . Congrats, you have a great 2022 ahead!

Log the outcome each day

As you complete each day, use the appropriate to mark your successes, how you felt, and any notes. You can track more items (such as weight, calories, workout times, etc) just by adding more columns to your and then choosing which columns to un-hide in other table views.

[Optional] Choose an accountability buddy

Share this doc with a friend or family member so they can see your progress.


At the end of the year, take a look at your . Even if you did not perform as hoped, you still get credit for setting intentions!
🏁 Get started! Write down your upcoming scheduled events:

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