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I’ve broken down this section by the various things my doc can do, so you can jump to the section that interests you most.
There’s also the handy page for you to bookmark and use afterwards, which is broken down by the important interactive forms/tables for each function.


To add a new team member, use the form.
The new entry activates the “onboard” button on and is automatically pressed every 9 am (or you can do so manually).
10 onboarding tasks are added to the and assigned to either HR or the Ops Manager.
You can see active onboarding tasks either in or in the (which has a subpage and only shows the viewer their own assignments).

Employee Changes

To initiate any change in employee’s status, compensation, etc, fill out the .
The information is added to the table and assigned to HR and a status of “to do.”
An automation sends a slack alert to a specific channel, notifying them of the new assignment.
When the status is changed to “review,” it’s assigned to the COO and she’s notified via the above automation.
You can see different views of this list either in or in .
Performance review next steps are automatically added to this list as well (see that section for more information).

Time Off

To request time off, an employee should fill out .
The request is added to and tallies the total days taken.
Since I established this for a company with unlimited vacation time, just highlights (literally via conditional formatting) those who have taken too few days off (under 10) or too many (over 25).
is a bulleted list of both these “infractions” and is connected to , which is emailed automatically every Friday morning to the CEO, COO, and HR.


Manager or HR needs to input the next review date on , where conditional formatting (orange) highlights past reviews (i.e., this employee needs a new one scheduled).
A week before the review, the “ready for review” button will be activated and automatically pressed at 9 am (if not manually pressed before then).
This emails the reviewee a link to the , reminding them to submit it 3 days before the review.
When a review is submitted, an automation alerts the manager who can then review the submission at and also add his/her own review.
Once the manager inputs his/her review, an automation copies the appropriate fields to . (See above Employee Changes section for the rest of this workflow.)


If an employee is ready to leave and/or they are terminated for performance issues, an should be filled out with the “termination” option chosen, listing effective date they’ll be leaving.
This will trigger the previously discussed workflow and HR should add an end date on .
The end date will activate the “offboard” button, which (via automation) will add 6 offboarding tasks to the , appropriately assigning each to either HR or Operations.
You can see active offboarding tasks either or .
Offboarding employees also show up on and then move to , both of which are on the page.

Random Views

There are also many useful employee views, primarily as subpages of .
You can also see interesting numbers associated with the lists in the

What’s Next

And there you have it.
Go ahead and try any of the above for yourself and bookmark for a quick reference.
You can also reach out ( ) if you have any questions.
Happy HR’ing and coda’ing!

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