Your HR Dashboard

Hi there!

My name is Karina. I’m a fractional COO/workflow consultant, coda lover, and part of the inaugural coda doctorate cohort, and this is my capstone project.

You can learn more about me either on
or via

We were tasked with applying everything we learned to a publishable template, and because I find myself recently spending a lot of time hiring/onboarding/offboarding team members—so all things HR—I decided to build myself an HR system in coda.

Since HR has so many interrelated components, it lends itself to a tool like coda, which has both the power of a database, the flexibility of a doc, and the automations of some of my favorite third-party tools.

I tried to give the template enough detail to be functional out of the box, but to also to keep it simple and something I could see myself using. (
what you think :)).

Now for the details.

Head over to the
to learn more and then cross-refence the
afterwards for quick referencing.

Either way, I hope you find this useful and keep coda’ing!

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