Your Gateway to Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

Why Become a KANU Ambassador?

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation? Do you want to make a tangible impact on your campus while earning rewards and building your network? The KANU Ambassador Program offers you a unique, self-paced opportunity to champion student entrepreneurship. It empowers you to earn title promotions, gift cards, and even a permanent salary role, based on milestones you reach. ​

What is KANU?

KANU is a dynamic, mobile-friendly platform designed to accelerate student entrepreneurship. With features ranging from landing pages, bookings, payments, to analytics and team management, KANU simplifies the journey from idea to business. Built by students for students, it lets you launch a venture in under 3 minutes—right from your phone!

Who Benefits from KANU?

Primarily targeted at students, KANU also serves faculty, parents, staff, and alumni. The platform offers a private marketplace for campus and a public marketplace for the community, providing all-round visibility. User testimonials praise KANU for its ease and efficiency: "KANU means business… And saved me so much time and work to get the word out about my product.”

Ambassador Role & Responsibilities

As a KANU Ambassador, you will:
• Drive new account registrations and daily active usage
• Support student entrepreneurs in launching their product and service storefronts
• Mobilize campus stakeholders through targeted outreach
• Share success stories and provide personalized assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs
You'll be equipped with marketing materials and social media content to achieve these goals effectively.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

Empower Others: Advocate for student entrepreneurs and inspire others.
Leadership Development: Hone your leadership skills in a real-world setting.
Networking: Connect with industry professionals and like-minded peers.
Resource Access: Utilize marketing materials and educational content to enrich your skill set.
Creative Freedom: Implement your own innovative strategies.
Reward: Unlock milestones to earn gift cards, certificates, and title promotions.

Educational Value

KANU also serves as a vital educational tool for entrepreneurship and marketing classrooms. The Educator Dashboard integrates real-world business creation into the curriculum, transforming traditional learning into experiential learning.


The program is self-paced with a two-week inactivity termination clause, offering you the flexibility to make an impact on your terms.

Join Us!

If you're ready to take the leap into the fascinating world of student entrepreneurship while accumulating valuable experience and rewards, the KANU Ambassador Program is for you! ​Ready to Transform Your Campus?

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