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Career Development

Your job search should start with the basics: Great resume, LinkedIn Profile, Interview and Job Searching Skills. We've put together all of these resources to make you successful in your career search!

Interview Tips & Resume Templates

Job Search Tips

If you are active in the job search process, it is important to use as many available resources to you as possible.
Some Job Boards, but not limited to are:
There are many other job boards available. These are just a few job boards to help get you started. Additionally, most companies have company specific career boards.
When searching for jobs/careers, it is important to play around with your searches. Write down a list of jobs that you might be interested in and start your search from there. You might find other career opportunities that you might be interested in from that original search. When using job boards, you can search for the following:
Opportunities by keyword
Filter by location/distance
Filter by salary
Filter by date posted
Using those filters and search tools available, you will be able to take a deeper dive into opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Normally using these job boards, you can either apply directly from the job board or go to the company’s website to apply there.
Important things to consider when starting your job search.
Update your resume and gear it towards specific opportunities
Research target companies and make sure you know information about the companies you are interested in
Create or update your LinkedIn profile
Clean up your social media accounts or make those accounts private
Remain organized - keep track of opportunities you have applied for
Don’t be afraid to utilize your network
After a interview, write a thank you email or letter and make it specific to the individual interviewing you
Be patient and take time for yourself

Updating your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is another vital tool in career searches. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, it is the JSX Corporate Soul team’s recommendation to create one. Please see below for tips related to your LinkedIn account:
Add a profile picture
Your profile picture should be up to date and be of just yourself
It can include a standard background, try to stay away from pictures that draw the attention away from yourself
Pictures are typically a head-shot
Update your career history
Career history should be a snapshot of your career background
List out your tasks/responsibilities in a clear and concise manner
Highlight any achievements for the specific role
Add in extras such as education/accomplishments/memberships
Grow your network
Networking with others helps to build connections and boost future career opportunities
Request connection opportunities with those that you don’t know
LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms
Use LinkedIn as a career resource tool
Stay aware that everything you comment on or like is viewable by others
For other tips and tricks related to your LinkedIn profile, please reference these articles:

Job Board Links & Companies Hiring

(all positions)
(all positions)
(all positions)
(all positions)
(all positions)
(administration positions)
(Flight Attendants - Houston Base)
(Pilots, Maintenance, Customer Service, Flight Control, and Crew Scheduling)
(Administration, Flight Ops and Maintenance)
(Administration, Maintenance and Parts)
(Maintenance, Parts, Operations, Purchasing and Administration)
(all positions)
(Pilots, Flight Attendants, Maintenance and other aviation personnel)
(Pilots, Flights Attendants, Maintenance, Ground Operations, HR)

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