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This is just a view of your table (grouped the other way) with a place to check off milestones for each area. Use the links above to drill into each area / take notes. Use this view to check your overall progress!

Your 8 week onboarding plan
1-1s with all reports
1-1s with key sales and marketing leaders (including BD, ops, comms, legal, etc as appropriate)
Get finance team run-down of past performance
Go through unaided new user onboarding for each of the key personas of the product (persona 1, persona 2, admins, etc)
1-1s with key Product, Eng, Ux leaders
Have each eng area lead draw me a picture of how their part of the stack works
Attend all meetings my predecessor went to
Read last N board decks and make notes / questions
Read last N post-planning strategy memos and make notes / questions
CEO briefing: What’s on their mind?
1-1s with all next level reports
1-1s with all peers
Shadow 5 sales pitches
Shadow 5 support calls
Go through active marketing campaigns
Have each product area leader walk through how their area of the product works
Redraw all the pictures and present back for feedback (”did I get this right?”)
Attend/ observe most of the skip-level meetings that my reports go to
Get current strategy pitch from key functional leaders and random employees
CEO check-in: Early questions and impressions
1-1s with key culture carriers (ask around for who they are!)
1-1s with key cross-functional leads
Reviewed interview feedback for the last N hires
Do side-by-side training of sales tools (Salesforce, etc)
Review last N product reviews for each product area
Have engineer help setup a dev environment for me
Attend/observe most of the meetings that my peers go to
Interview board of directors on their views on strategy
Meet with trusted 3rd parties (analysts, other investors, etc) and ask for competitive strategy breakdown
CEO check-in: Early questions and impressions
Draft of new org plan ready for soft socialization
Pitch a client as primary
Handle 5 support calls as primary
Draft of “Product observations and
Fix a bug
Ask key employees for a list of the that distinguish the team
Draft of key strategic ready for review
(fill in)
Draft of “My observations of our business” and recommended changes
(fill in)
Draft list of key tech choices that we’ve made - circulate for feedback
Draft a new Meeting Operating System for the team
CEO report: Your early proposal on the strategy ー including eigenquestions
New job descriptions written
New interview kits in place
(fill in)
Draft of “Proposal for new product bets”
(fill in)
(fill in)
(fill in)
(fill in)
(fill in)
Meet with key product leads to socialize revised plan
(fill in)
Construct new templates for new meetings
Strategy offsite with key leads to align on key questions
New org rolled out
Publish revised business plan / strategy
Publish review product bets
Successfully describe the tech stack to a new incoming engineer
Roll out new Meeting Operating system (update calendar invites, publish meeting docs)
Publish revised strategy

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