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BWM Board Meeting
Greetings and welcome to a new document trying to bring together information in the most useful way for BWM board of Director meetings. Using any of the links above you can visit pages containing useful information for the Spring 2024 Board of Directors Meeting. A quick Glossary: ​ - This is a link to the Agenda for our meeting, giving the topics to discuss and schedule of our time together. Please click on the Arrows in the “Documents” section to see relevant information about each agenda item. ​ - A page to list the contact information for each Board Member. Please review and ensure your information is correct (including term information, prayer day and committee assignments, etc.) ​ - Lists of members of each committee, links to the committee charters, and archive of committee minutes. ​ - Many of these are available in the 7.0 Folder of the Google Drive link that goes out with meetings, but another way to easily access documents important to the work of the BWM. (Bylaws, Constitution, Director Ministry Description, etc.) ​ - A place for some helpful tables and charts that give information about specific ministries of the Board of World Mission that may not require specific updates at this meeting.
- An archive of the minutes from recent BWM meetings. (This doc is new and a work in progress, so formatting to make make it easiest to find relevant information is still being determined. Suggestions welcome.)
- There is a button on the Agenda page, and also here, where you can add any questions that come up as you review pre-meeting material, or as you are in the meeting and want to make sure you don’t forget a point needed for discussion.

- This page holds the work done so far on finalizing the goals for our next three year strategic plan. See goals outlined by area - Outreach, Engagement, and Admin Support.
- Report assignments and tracking of submissions for BWM’s 2023 Annual Report to be published in May 2024.

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