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Prayer Partners

Prayer is the foundation of everything we do at Freedom. During your 252 experience, you will spend some time getting to know someone at your table. When you pray specific, bold prayers, God hears your requests and He begins to work in your life as well as the person you’re praying for.
Your table host will give you more information on how to connect with your prayer partner. This will take some intentionality on your part to make this happen. You may need to get their phone number or email to stay in touch. You may also consider posting prayers in the #prayer channel in Slack and attending First Saturday Prayer.
Questions for you to consider...
What is going on in your current season of life? How can I be praying for you during this season?
What is one thing I can believe for with you?
In light of what we talked about this week at 252, how can I pray for you?
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