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Observations Tips

Here are some tips for how to get the most out of the weekly teaching session. What you choose to put into this experience will be what you get out of it!
Set up a time and a place to experience the teaching
The best way to experience the content is to set up 90 minute meeting on your calendar with yourself.
During that time, turn off all notifications.
Pull out your journal, and launch the app.
Set up your environment to be ideal for you.
Protect this time each week!

Take handwritten notes
It turns out you remember more when you take handwritten notes, even if it’s just a few sentences.
Use your 252 journal to prepare observations for our table discussions, keep a log of questions, and info that captures your attention.

Prepare at least one thought to share in prep for your table discussion.
Out of respect for the others at your table, plan to arrive to the call with observations that are unique to you. Here are some questions to prompt your thinking.
What one thought or idea stood out to you?
What was something you had never considered about before hearing this teaching?
How will you think or behave differently after hearing this material?
Finish the sentence: I used to think ________________; now I think ________________.
How will you approach ______________ (family, co-worker, boss, team member, etc) differently in the coming week in light of what you just heard?

Listen and learn from your table
The best part about the 252 experience is learning from the individuals at your table.
Show up prepared to ask questions.
Express curiosity about the other members who are on this journey with you.

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