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252 Semester 2

A Leadership Development Experience

1️⃣ Read this first

We are so excited for this coming semester of 252! You are a part of this experience for a reason and we truly believe the relationships and connections that take place are going to be encouraging, enlightening, and life-changing! A little time getting everything set up now will make the following weeks easier!
Before meeting with your group..
Skim through all the info on this overview page
Install the Coda app on your phone 📲. .
Watch the video for this week
Memorize the scripture verse for this week
Preview the assignment and the upcoming due date

💻 Teaching sessions

Each week, you will have a full week to watch the teaching to prepare for table discussion. The session will be available here: .
You can also subscribe to the teachings as a following the instructions on the linked page.
We encourage you to take handwritten notes in a journal and prepare to share at least one takeaway or observation with your group.

📚 Reading

We will read 3 books together this semester. Find the titles of our 3 books on the tab. You may consider listening to the audiobook version if you prefer.

🙏 Soul food

Each week, the group will memorize a scripture verse that aligns with the theme we are exploring. Verses are posted in the tab. We encourage you to make this a part of your .

🎉 Facebook group

We have a private Facebook group where you can share your resources, ideas, and questions. 252 alumni are a part of this group and it's a really great community to be a part of.
You can request to join at this link:

💡 Coda tips

Coda is a document that also works as an app. It will automatically update each week with new content and resources based on our sessions. You can access all of the content in your web browser but the experience is really great on a phone!
Sign up for a
Download the free mobile app 📲. .

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