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Jon Dallas

Founder & Executive Director of

Jon is the Founder and Executive Director of . Since March 2017, Jon has managed 25+ international team members to facilitate 8,000+ weekly community events in 12+ cities around the world, exploring divisive contemporary issues (from veganism to polyamory) with original, impartial talks, small-group discussions, games, music, art, panelist discussions, and more.
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Data Analyst

Jon helps companies collect, normalize, and organize data, then translate that data into actionable insights.

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Project Manager

Jon has managed multiple international teams leveraging the power of , , , Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

EFL Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Jon has taught English to non-native speakers and trained EFL teachers since March 2016. He graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague with a specialization in young-learner education. Find out more

Yoga Philosophy Instructor

Jon has taught yogic philosophy on yoga teacher trainees courses and has published an accompanying yogic philosophy manual. Each series includes eight 2.5-hour explorations of The Vedas, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, The Pali Canon, and more.


Born in the United States, Jon has and his way through
countries. He has and lived long-term in Canada, Vietnam, and Thailand and now lives with his wife Jess in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Wedding Officiant

Jon is a an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and experienced Officiant. Jon facilitates meaningful dialogue between the betrothed to explore core beliefs, and crafts a custom ceremony reflecting those beliefs.

TEDx Speaker

On 16 April, 2017, Jon presented “Why We Play Games” on the TEDx stage in Hanoi, Vietnam.
In this talk, Jon explores dating, religion, the law, capitalism, etiquette, and more as games. He defines a game as any process in which inefficient rules (e.g. running around the racetrack instead of straight to the finish line) are voluntarily followed in order to achieve a valueless objective (e.g. crossing the finish line) in order to indirectly attain goals that are impossible to pursue directly (e.g. happiness, fun, love, friendship, creativity).

Philosophy Lecturer

Jon has personally delivered more than 200 community lectures for 7,000+ people exploring topics such as occultism, drag performance, veganism, fetishes, and yoga. See some select videos

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Meditation Guide

Jon has has led hundreds of small group meditations in Hanoi, Vietnam; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Breckenridge, Colorado. He has also taught meditation theory and technique to yoga teacher trainees.

Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Jon has taught the Ashtanga Primary Series in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois privately and in studios since November 2016.
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Jon received his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Performance from Towson University in 2012. He has starred as Mack the Knife in a bilingual performance of Brecht's Die Dreigroschenoper and as Chenzira in a touring production of The Baltimore Rock Opera Society's Electric Pharaoh.


Jon is a singer/songwriter and theatrical score composer, focusing on singing, banjo, guitar, piano, ukulele, and kalimba.

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