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Jon Dallas
Jon Dallas

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Yoga Bio

Jon is a meditation guide, ashtanga instructor, yoga philosophy lecturer, mindful music jam leader, and community-builder. Through the nonjudgment, equanimity, and unity of all things found in yoga, Jon has found an invitation to engage with his life more deeply and honestly than he ever believed possible, and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share and learn with the community here in Harare.
Outside the studio, Jon is a TEDx speaker, musician, animal rights activist, SCUBA Dive Master, and the founder of , an international social philosophy events organization. Originally from the US, Jon has lived in Canada, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, and now Zimbabwe.
Jon entered his first yoga studio in 2010. “Why don’t you check out the yoga studio?” His mom suggested. “That’s where all the vegans hang out.” Soon after, at an induction ceremony into the Sacred Circle of the Medicine Buddha led by Adhikari Sacha, Jon dedicated his life to the mitigation of suffering. He then started exploring meditation, reading Indian philosophy, and attending monthly new moon purification sweat lodge ceremonies in the Lakota tradition directed by Bob Lightning Flash.
Since then Jon has sat two 10-day S. N. Goenka Vipassana meditation courses in Hong Kong and Delaware; sat with the forest monks of Thailand’s Wat Pa Tam Wua; led weekly meditation groups in the US, Thailand, and Vietnam; and taught meditation praxis and yogic philosophy for several Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

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