The Current Dynamics

EMBR’s Solution

We're committed to providing a better experience for everyone in the DeFi space: entrepreneurs and investors alike. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to develop your concept into a fully functional ecosystem of dApps. All of our products are intended to be optimized for users. From ideation to launch, you can build both your community and your business from scratch within one platform. EMBR’s trailblazing approach allows investors of all magnitudes access to highly-vetted, Hacken-audited emerging cryptocurrencies.
EMBR is an ecosystem to promote your idea, build a team, collect feedback, and, finally, launch your project. We want to make the process of building decentralized applications as seamless as possible, allowing for greater innovation.
EMBR is also focused on making our platform compatible with mainstream financial infrastructure. We understand that without this integration, people won't be able to access the DeFi market easily because it will continue to exist within its own ecosystem.
For instance, the portfolio tracker app solves the problem of the current state of DeFi: price fluctuations and price volatility can be incredibly stressful for crypto traders. It's not uncommon to get prices that aren't what they should be, especially with micro-market caps or tokens that are too new to be listed on any exchange. Keeping track of your portfolio using websites like or PooCoin is not ideal because you have to keep a lot of tabs open and you can only access the data via the browser, which is terrible for mobile phones users in terms of user experience.
While most wallets obtain information from data aggregators such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, our portfolio tracker app procures data directly from the blockchain. This makes the app much more reliable due to its decentralized nature, and it can be accessed on whatever device you like.
The portfolio tracker software, on the other hand, obtains information straight from the blockchain, and most wallets (such as Trust Wallet) get their data from aggregators such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. This means that the software is much more reliable due to its decentralized nature, and it can be accessed on whatever device you like.

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