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Best Practices Checklist

Learn best practices from organizations that have adopted OKRs to achieve their goals. Read more stories at WhatMatters.com.
Best Practice Description
Principle: Set a big goal to aim for (e.g. Reach 1 billion hours of people watching YouTube every day).
In Practice: Stretch OKRs set powerful forces in motion, and focusing the entire organization one core metric which was watch time. This turned into a four-year objective with annual rolling OKRs and quarterly key results.
Key Question: Are you stretching?
Apartment Therapy
Principle: Good ideas can come from anywhere.
In Practice: Teams at Apartment Therapy crowdsource their OKRs and the best ones get voted to the top.
Key Question: Have you involved your entire organization in drafting your OKRs?
Principle: When employees align with a company’s top-line goals, their impact is amplified.
In Practice: As MyFitnessPal's team grew, teams had to make sure their Key Results tied to a company-level OKR.
Key Question: Can every employee see how their OKRs line up with the company's top-line goals?
Principle: Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.
In Practice: Googlers judge the likelihood of success on their OKRs and aim for 70%. If the chance of success is greater than 70%, then they may not be stretching for the impossible.
Key Question: Have you communicated which of your OKRs are committed and which ones are aspirational?
Bono's ONE Campaign
Principle: Track OKR performance
In Practice: Bono's ONE campaign had a simple green/red tracking system to help the team stay up to date on their OKRs.
Key Question: Are you checking in on your OKRs every week?
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