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Sales playbook

Building a sales team and documenting processes to scale
A sales playbook is a guide for the sales team ー from new reps to seasoned partners ー to align on and teach the core pieces of how to win new customers. If done right, it can become the backbone of the sales org and ensures that the success of the team (and also the company) doesn't rely on a few individuals.

Why make a sales playbook?

Every member of your sales team has a unique background and is a repository of sales knowledge. Most sales orgs can relate to the following:
Segmented and outdated data silos
Tribal knowledge of best practices
Various ideas on what works or not
Repeated moments of success and failure across multiple sellers

The purpose of a well organized utilized Sales Playbook is to remove barriers that come from repeated failures and focus on and distribute what is working

What makes this unique?

News for you, the spiral bound, 50 page, gloss covered Sales Playbook that is sitting on all your Sales Reps desk collects dust and becomes more outdated by the day.
Why Coda?
This Playbook is a Living Breathing Source of Truth that is meant to scale and grow as your Sales Org does
Things change, and so should our approach to selling, what was effective 5 years ago isn't necessarily as effective today

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