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Increase business by 76%¹ when using Coda as your CRM compared to using a traditional spreadsheet to track your clients, opportunities, and delivery.
Tracking our in email and sales & project ments in a spreadsheet is flexible and fast; that’s why we almost always start there. As you’re scaling, this system is costing the team a bunch of money in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. While you may feel busier than ever, you aren’t delivering the results to achieve your business goals.
Ever tried a “real” CRM and think it sucks more than your spreadsheet? That’s probably why over 60% of companies don’t fully adopt their CRM and over half of them moved to another system within 3 years of purchasing a CRM - many to the very spreadsheet they moved from². No (or negative) ROI.
This Coda CRM is flexible like your original customer tracking spreadsheets but comes with building blocks like status selections, account owners, close dates, and buttons that email so that you can get the best of what CRM applications have — and increase business by 76%.


¹ Internal findings at Coda.
² from organizations such as Forrester, Salesforce, Zendesk
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