2024 Guide to Tool Consolidation in Coda
2024 Guide to Tool Consolidation in Coda

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Docs, writeups, and notes

A better doc experience for your project proposals, meeting notes, design docs, quarterly retrospectives, and more.

Coda vs. docs.

Whether it’s jotting down meeting notes, writing up a proposal, or summarizing customer feedback, most of us spend a good percentage of our day in docs. But even the most basic projects need more than a “regular” writing surface to get the job done. While traditional tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word restrict you to words and clunky tables, Coda’s modern canvas combines text, data, apps, automations, and AI for more flexible, collaborative, and impactful docs.
Here’s why teams choose to consolidate other docs and notes apps into Coda:
All of your context in one place: Rather than sending out multiple links, switching back and forth between tools, or wasting time searching for the latest doc, Coda enables you to keep everything in one place so everyone knows where to go for what they need.
More than just a doc: With Coda, you’re not limited to just words. With interactive features like buttons, reactions, and voting tables, Coda enables your proposals and docs to be a two-way conversation—inclusive, collaborative, iterative—rather than a one-way broadcast.
Enhanced with AI: Write more efficiently and effectively with the help of Coda AI—a connected work assistant that knows your team, not just the internet. Generate insights and answers based on your data, summarize lengthy content, and get specific feedback comments on your writing.
Connected to your other tools: Coda integrates with , so you can embed content and sync data from other sources right alongside your writeups, proposals, and notes. That way, everyone has all the context they need without having to log in to another tool.

See it in action.

At Coda we use “two-way writeups” to make faster decisions without the lengthy, siloed email and comment threads that usually come with docs. Read more and try it out for yourself here:

What our customers say:

[Before Coda], any other supporting documentation was scattered in various Google Docs that were often not kept up to date and were hard to locate....
With Coda, we truly have a one stop shop and single source of truth. Coda is the hub of our entire line of business. It houses our workflows, data, processes, best practices, and more.
Overall, Coda has completely transformed how my team does our work and helped mature us to the next level. I cannot imagine managing this team and our body of work without it.
—Operations and Strategy manager, Enterprise customer
Attempting to accomplish this in another tool like Confluence or Google Docs would be clunky and difficult.
Not only is Coda saving us so much time, but we're making much more robust, beautiful, and collaborative documents.
—Ilyssa Russ, Learning and Development Manager at Tempo

Coda makes it easy for people to get the information they need, which not only saves time, but also empowers them to do the job.
Instead of fielding Slack messages throughout the day from people asking for help locating a specific timeline, message, contact, etc., teams across Intercom can just find what they need when they need it.
—Mark Iafrate, PMM & Partnerships at Intercom

Say goodbye to multiple notes and doc apps.

Replace all of these with Coda for a better doc experience and fewer tools to manage.


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