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The DiDi Product Market Fit Engine

Product-market fit is the number one reason why startups succeed. This document contains a powerful engine to define, measure, and systematically increase product/market fit. It can even generate your roadmap for you!
We turned this process into a 5 step engine. This document will walk you through the engine step-by-step:
to ask your users "How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman?"
to find supporters and paint a picture of high-expectation customers
to convert on-the-fence users into fanatics
your improvements by doubling down on what users love and addressing what holds others back
product/market fit over time as your most important metric

Learn by exploring DiDi's PMF data

To see how this works, check out the word cloud below. You can use it to quickly analyse any question from the survey—and also filter it down to certain personas.
Persona :
Business professional
Filter to users who answered "How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman?" :
Somewhat Disappointed
Show results for question:
What is the main benefit you receive from using Superhuman?

How to use the DiDi engine on your own startup

To everybody out there searching for product/market fit: you are not alone. Try retooling this engine to make it your own. Simply copy the document, replace it with your own data, and find product/market fit!

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