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"Sustainability in Coda"

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🏹 Target groups

From small to mid sized companies (SMEs), brands in the fashion industry, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and stakeholders in the supply chain that are finding the need to structure and guide their suppliers. The material is specialized on the fashion industry, but in many aspects applicable to other industries.

🍎 Your takeaway

1️⃣ Single source of truth with outputs exportable to existing systems and interfaces.
2️⃣ Save resources; “time = money” - a work place of preference.
3️⃣ Build systematized procedures in all your workflows.

🏗️ How things came together

I decided to give back what I learned in the last 20 years on sustainability, management systems and traceability. In combination with the learning and benefits that Coda offers to structure your assignments, tailored to the requirements and specifics of the company

📍 Purpose

This framework will make you familiar with the most important aspects of sustainability with tools to make your business manageable.
Being able to structure your work, to identify the bottlenecks and areas for improvement are key to successful business.
Sample use case of this tool:
The "Chemical management system" to show how you can structure chemical inventory and create a platform to monitor compliance with the of the brand(s) applicable.

⏱️ My Story

I have been grown up in the textile industry (heavy knit cardigans). “Self made”, started officially working at the age of 17 years.
In 2000 I came in contact with the . The second biggest retailer in the “Fast Fashion industry”. Already in that time they where at the forefront of the sustainability, and they still are!
With my strong sense for “fair play”, ethics, human rights and responsibility for our environment, I got the chance to work with the top managers / experts in the world and learned a lot and was able to add my experiences over time (like the , I have been involved in the pilot project to shape it).
I have been working in countries like Sweden, where people with origin of Vietnam, Cambodia, have their small (12 workers) legal “home size” business, producing high end leather belts and in Ethiopia with factories of +10 000 employees with own schools, dormitories where the factory tour takes 1 full working day!
I don’t have the actual records and details are confidential in respect my former employer, but I have been doing about 2500 unique assessments out of a total of around 4000 assessments.
Mainly apparel producers, but also cosmetics (lipstick, parfum, toothpaste, Swiss scissors), Non commercial goods (furniture factories for the shop side) and the leather industry (from tanneries to workshops where leather bags are produced in Bulgaria and Italy, too shoe factories in Portugal and Spain)
In 2017, the company made a reconstruction in their organization, I was not able, for personal reasons, to relocate my family.
With good mutual understanding and official recognition for my provided support, we separated our paths.
My proven social skills, business ethics, fair-play, reliability and open-mindset for innovation are key points why companies prefer to work with me.

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