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Write your welcome message in the section below and delete this text when you're done! Provide an encourging hello so folks feel welcomed to your team.

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We've used a formula to automatically populate the user's name right into this doc on the as a welcome message! Type "=" and then "User().Split(" ").First()"

In the Themes Covered Through Training section we are pulling this text from Your Learning Themes table. If you want to edit the text of this, right click on the box to edit the .

Welcome! 馃憢

Welcome to our company! Here鈥檚 a lovely welcome message to greet you and let you know what鈥檚 ahead!

Themes Covered Throughout Training 馃

During training we will cover a number of themes and topics. You'll see the themes and learning goals listed below.
Your role:
What are the specific goals of this theme
The company:
Specific goal for this theme

Overview of this doc 馃憖

This doc is broken up by your onboarding timeline and also has a number of resources to help you navigate your onboarding experience. Here鈥檚 a list below of what lives where or just navigate to the bar on the left.
Start Here!
Overview of where to navigate to on a daily basis
Your checklist of everything to do that is organized by week
Your schedule breakdown by week
All the resources they need
Team information
Your place to keep notes, feedback, and reflect
Space for your questions populate so the team knows how to support
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