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This is your home base for onboarding so you know where to go and what to do each day. In this section you have two pages that you’ll primarily use:

Week by Week Overview
Week 1
Week 1 is all about getting acquainted with Coda. There are a few action items to start getting you familiar with the Customers Org and the CSM team, but mostly spend this week on your NHO activities!
Week 2
Our Customer Champions speak with customers all day long, so what’s a better way to start interacting with customers and learn about the questions our Customers have than hopping into the support queue!
Week 3
Onboarding and efficiently training customers is a big part of the job! Take a crash course in onboarding customers by jumping into the Activation queue.
Week 4
This week is all about preparing to take your own book of business! By the end of this week, you should expect to have some customers in your name.
Week 5
Ramping up. By the end of this week, you and your manager should have a plan in place to get you to a full book of business.
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