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How to Use This Doc

Keep your new employees engaged and informed as they go through onboarding!

Getting Started

This will be your home base for all things onboarding. Keep this doc updated and then copy it for each new employee onboarding to the team. Your will be where you update most of the logistics.
You’ll see the page where you’ll update all the tasks that need to be done throughout onboarding. You’ll also want to edit the with all the details of their onboarding.
These tables then filter onto each corresponding page.
Throughout this doc you will see blocks that look like this 🔽
These will show some helpful tips on how to personalize your onboarding doc. You can delete these blocks once you don't need the information anymore. Simply highlight all the text that lives within the block to delete it.

Look out for the 🦉 Coda Pro Tips section throughout to help personalize your doc if you'd like!

Your Next Steps

Make this doc your own!
Consider adding pages
Update the onboarding checklist
Update the schedule
Add company docs and resources
Add any pertinent information and delete the text blocks that don’t apply
Copy the doc for each team member you onboard.
Copy doc
Update any pertinent information that applies to them.
Consider keeping track of what you need to update and edit below so you can make your life easier.
Once you’ve made all the updates, delete this page on the copied doc.
Share it with the
In addition to sharing it with the new employee, consider sharing it with the manager, mentors, etc.

Ideas to Personalize This Doc

Change the on each page
Add folks to the doc and use the
Add packs like
, , or

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