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Announcement Activities

Use the to start to build out a list of announcement activities. Some items are already listed here because they apply to most announcements.
You can also add activities by creating new rows in the table, or clicking this button:
Add activity

Announcement Activities Plan
Type of activity
Activity Details
Next step due
Next due date
Final due date (complete)
Post launch
Share announcement results
Share the results with PMM/ marketing/PM
Not started
Define announcement tier, goals and budget
Use the tier and goals worksheet and input into "what we're announcing" section. Must be approved before continuing.
Not started
Review announcement plan with PMM (and wider marketing team if needed)
Review announcement plan key activities with PMM for feedback and input
Not started
Define success metrics
Fill in success metrics section
Not started
Define announcement date
Fill in in What we're announcing section
Not started
Define packaging
Use the pricing and packaging framework to define the pricing.
Not started
Additional announcement channels
Not started

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