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Open Web Sandbox: First Contact

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Who we are

Where we come from, and what we aim for.
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A bit of history.

In May 2021 OWS began as a non-profit, community-based digital hub. Our goal back then was to foster the initial development of a NEAR community, educate individuals part of this community to collaborate in the ecosystem, and find quality individuals to work for developing NEAR projects.
OWS now has a +1000 people NEAR native talent pool, a clientele of +50 NEAR projects, and 16 months of NEAR ecosystem reputation, knowledge, experience.

Who we are now.

The Open Web Sandbox is now NEAR’s first ecosystem consulting and recruitment service provider that focuses on project consultancy, human-centred vetting and recruitment, and onboarding management. Providing hand-held support for all projects and talent on NEAR we believe will help the ecosystem grow more effectively.
Our goal is to increase NEAR project’s ecosystem knowledge and know-how, reduce NEAR project’s time spent looking for human capital, and facilitate the job searching process on NEAR for talented individuals.

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