Different realms of computing

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Video games / Virtual Reality / 3D

Creating video games makes learning math easier

Video games, especially 3D video games, are a great way to introduce math in an intuitive way (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, linear algebra, calculus)

Important skills and topics for high school students to learn

3D modeling (this doesn’t require coding at all)
Moving objects (this requires coding)
Vector algebra/geometry
Moving objects
Determining when objects collide
Implementing physics for things like jumping
How to use Unreal Engine or Unity

Tools / coding languages

Unreal Engine (has its own block/node-based visual language called “blueprints” or uses C++)
Used by major games like Fortnite, Architecture firms to do 3D walkthroughs in VR, Film/TV production like Mandalorian for graphics
Lots of good YouTube tutorials (also lots of mediocre ones)
UI can be a bit overwhelming, but you don't need to write code to get started or even make something good (you can use their block coding “blueprints” system)
Unity (uses C# which is similar to Java)
Used by many popular games
In some ways it's easier to use but because it requires coding, it can be harder in other ways
Microsoft has some decent tutorials/documentation for AR/VR
OpenGL or CUDA
These are used to program graphics cards. They are basically libraries for C++.
No high schooler needs to learn to use these.

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