Different realms of computing

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Phone/tablet apps


Swift (same as for Mac)


Java (older. They don't want people to use this anymore)

Cross-platform options

Flutter (UI library made by Google that uses the Dart language which is similar to Javascript. Works on iOS, Android, and Web)
React Native (UI library made by Facebook that uses Javascript. iOS and Android. It is designed to be really familiar for people using React for web. I would probably teach this). Facebook and Discord use this.


If you want to export an app for iOS and put it on the app store yourself, you need a Mac.
There is also a cloud service called Expo which can do this for you.

Key takeaways for high school students

Just learn Javascript with React.
If you want to learn another language, Swift is relatively easy to learn and use and Apple provides a tutorial app on iPad called Swift Playgrounds
You may still need to learn Javascript or Python if you want your app to have a server or some way for multiple users to connect

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